The #TwelveTwo hashtag lives on. And it may pretty much be in the works. Hey guys, it’s UP! Coach Juno and the De La Salle University are not going to drop this game. Ever.

Jeron Teng would not let his teammates go easy either and would continue to beast out (can we consider it stat pad?) against the worst defense I have ever seen (okay that’s an understatement).

What’s there left to say about this game? All I’m gonna look out for is whether, again, Juno would favor the rookies over the regulars this time around. As if that is going to happen. Shall we start this short one?


You guys saw how marvelous Julian Sargent is. I don’t know what’s to like, and he’s not like someone you could dislike. I guess he’s my second favorite Green Archer after JVee Casio (wow kuya, that has been a looooong while). He’s built like your typical wing, maybe even a shade taller, and faceguarded the Blue Mamba and lived to tell the tale, with an acrobatic layup thrown in for good measure.

See, Sarge is very productive when he’s in there. Rarely makes bone-headed decisions (looking at Abu Tratter here) with the ball. He can play point, which De La Salle sorely needs, seeing Kib Montalbo is well, Kib MontalBUST. Prince Rivero has been a great garbage-into-gold guy for DLSU with that motor of his. I think I’d like to see more of that against UP just to toughen him up for the coming games.


Jeron Teng with a bunch of steam and we beg for mercy. (Photo Credits: Jerome Ascano, SPIN)

Jeron Teng with a bunch of steam and we beg for mercy. (Photo Credits: Jerome Ascano, SPIN)


Safe to say Jeron Teng will have another masterful game. He had his best shooting day against both Ateneo (round 2 of course), and UP. Obviously he wants to raise his FG% a bit so, he should continue driving against the UP defense that won’t be boasting of someone to throw at him. I mean come on, he’s arguably the BIGGEST shooting guard out there. No one can compare to his physique that he must use to just barrel through everybody.

Who actually wants to meet Teng when he has a full head of steam? I don’t.

Would he one-up Kiefer Ravena‘s statline last Wednesday? I’m pretty sure he has that stat sheet tacked up and may want to go for a triple-double. By the way, I still won’t re-crown him King Archer for purposes that remains with Jason Perkins as the guy they will always go to when they need buckets.


I’m not giving UP any chance. Because Juno Sauler plus Jeron Teng plus UP defense equals win by a mile.