This is it. The Champs versus Chumps game. And my gut says De La Salle won’t run into much problems against University of the Philippines.

Do we really have to do the nitty-gritty of this game? Well, UP might just, MIGHT, catch DLSU on a bad shooting day (which is not very far off, really) and we might be celebrating an upset for the century instead.

But, reality bites. So we’ll stick with DLSU drubbing UP good, good shooting or bad.


Time to shine Abu! (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida,

Time to shine Abu! (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida,


It’s UP. So you know what that means. ROOKIE GAMES! Julian Sargent, Prince Rivero, and Abu Tratter should be given lots of minutes this time to build them up. I mean come on, you are allowed to experiment after the first half. Give major burn to Tratter and Rivero since they can practically show their wares against Gelo Vito, Mark Juruena and whoever else Rey Madrid decides to throw in there.

Sargent would probably be used to feast on Mikee Reyes and should give Diego Dario fits if they are matched up. He can keep up with Kyles Lao, Henry Asilum and Dave Moralde, most likely. But he should be able to display his talents fully.


The kid had a nice 18-5-4 game last time against Adamson. Against UP, he’ll have the time of his life against Mikee Reyes’ efense (he has no D). Then again, I still count Montalbo as waaaaaaaaaay overhyped since, and I bet you, he can’t do that against the elite teams in the UAAP, nor in the country for that matter. He laid eggs using starter’s minutes against top-tier teams and was practically lost on the floor.

Fine, he can block lanes. But then what? Besides that, you have to do something else, and not be a zero. He has a hard time keeping men in front of him resulting to whole back courts outscoring him mightily. And with Thomas Torres not returning anytime soon, well, DLSU would be seemingly playing 4-on-5 ball instead against the elites.


After back-to-back bad games, would you rather rest Jason Perkins or still let him play his usual minutes but alongside the rookies? He’s lagging statistically after two point games but then again, is it a matter of him being fatigued or nah? I’m inclined to play it safe and rest him for the UST game. Unless of course you want Hefty Lefty to pad his stats.


No words needed. UP will keep it close in 20 minutes before going bananas (of the bad kind) again.