For the De La Salle Green Archers, there is no need to panic… yet. After an impressive debut against the defending champions NU Bulldogs (though they have been struggling massively this season with a 0-3 start), the Green Archers have lost consecutive games to the much improved UP Fighting Maroons and to this year’s title favorites FEU Tamaraws. The Green Archers now face the Adamson Soaring Falcons, who has had their own struggles this year as well. The Green Archers are having a hard time adjusting this season, especially having one of the biggest lineups in the past couple of years, and having a lot of newcomers.

Last season, the Green Archers got their way with Adamson, sweeping the season series two games to none. In the first round, they played outstanding defense against the Soaring Falcons, limiting them to just 48 points for the whole game, as they cruised to an easy 67-48 win. They limited Adamson to a lowly 34.2% eFG and a 62.3 ORTG. Leading the way for the Green Archers in their first round encounter was Kib Montalbo, who is out of the lineup this season with a torn ACL, with 18 points. In the second round, the Green Archers went off to a hot start, with a 23-8 1st quarter. But they were sluggish after their hot first quarter before holding off Adamson for a 66-57 win. While they played a subpar offensive game, having a low 34.6% eFG, they played the Soaring Falcons well on the defensive end again, limiting them to just 37.3% eFG. Leading the way for the Green Archers was Jason Perkins, who had 16 points and 16 rebounds in that game.

So what has been the problem for the Archers this season? While they have lost a lot of veterans from last season like AVO, Vosotros and Nortbert Torres, some of their holdovers has been missing in action as well this season, particularly Thomas Torres and Jason Perkins. Torres was supposed to be one of the leaders of the team this season, but has been lost with his game, shooting the ball very poorly and committing a lot of errors. Perkins, on the other hand, has been relatively quiet, averaging just five points in their last two losses, while he was supposed to be the guy to help Jeron Teng out this season. While there have been a lot of disappointments this season, there are a few bright spots for the Green Archers as well. Particularly the play of rookie Andrei Caracut and sophomore Prince Rivero. Both players have been contributing well this season, consistently scoring in double digits and helping the team in their playmaking and rebounding. But if the Green Archers want to go anywhere this season, they must play with better intensity, which we can see by the way they play defense. A lot of their players must step up, especially from their few holdovers this season.

While the Adamson Falcons has had their share of struggles this season, the Green Archers must know by now that they can’t take any team lightly this season. The Falcons are a very pesky team, and that we know that they will go into every game with great intensity and energy. While they may have a 0-3 record this season, they have had their fair share of threats against their first three opponents. For the Green Archers, they must play with a much better defense, something they did particularly well in their first game, but has gone missing in their last two. Other players should also step up their game, which would not only help them win this match-up, but help them boost their confidence for the next games ahead. If the Green Archers fail to contain this pesky Falcons squad, then they might have to switch the panic button.