The Falcons are in for another tough game. UE, with the help of Derrick Pumaren, is one of the toughest defending teams and also one of the fastest-paced. They are right on top of the league when it comes to pace and second only to NU in defensive rating. This will translate into a lot of running from the Falcons, a lot of passing and a lot of turnovers.

The good thing for the Falcons is that their lack of offensive ability on the half court just might neutralize UE’s full court press. If UE insists on pressing the Falcons, they’ll be more than willing to just break the press and rush to score rather than wait to setup the offense. It gives the Falcons a reason not to setup their half court offense anymore. Unfortunately that’s not a ticket to a win because their game against NU showed that they have difficulty finishing on the run too.

Keys to the Game


The first time they met, the Falcons were able to successfully break the press in the first half of the game. The second half started and UE adjusted, holding the Falcons down while going on their own scoring runs.

UE forces an average of 23.9 turnovers a game while Adamson is a slightly above average team in limiting turnovers. If the Falcons can stick to their average and score on the run, they might just shock UE.


If Adamson can’t shoot, they better prevent UE from shooting too. UE is on top of the league when it comes to made field goals, averaging 28.2. Adamson on the other hand averages only 18.6. That’s a difference of at least 19 points on field goals alone. To survive on matching their average, the Falcons need to defend well and prevent UE from scoring on the floor. That means clamping down on Charles Mammie, Roi Sumang and Chris Javier, a tall order for a team that has yet to put up any kind of defensive push.

So far, Jansen Rios and Don Trollano are the only Falcons expected to bring in double figures in scoring, this means they will need a lot of defensive stops to keep the game close.


Coach Vince Hizon will try to make adjustments on the fly, but the roster is too late into the season to start developing players. All he can hope for is that someone steps up for them and that they respond to his instructions in trying to give UE a challenge. Otherwise, there’s no way the Falcons will get their first win of the season.

Featured image courtesy of Mark Cristino,