For many, they will just wish to fast forward through the games and skip to next season. But there is hope.

Reports are that Coach Duremdes will be out of the country for this game and assistant coach Vince Hizon will be taking over coaching duties temporarily. Somehow, this sounds like a promising proposition. Couple this fact with the sort of intervention the alumni Soaring Falcons gave the rookie-laden team and all of a sudden there’s a glimmer of hope.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the game against UP. There’s no denying it, the Falcons might have had bad teams in the past, but it has been a long time since they played so uncaringly. Things could turn around, even if they don’t beat FEU in this game as long as they continue to challenge them throughout the game and not allow them to use them as target practice anymore.

Keys to the Game

Prepare to be outscored

The Tamaraws are second in the league in offensive output while the Falcons are dead last. At no point can the Falcons stand a chance at defending the Tams. If they zone, Mike Tolomia and company will take them to the cleaners from beyond the arc, if they close out, Mac Belo will just pound them inside. FEU is an above average three-point shooting team and they are on top of the league in field goal percentage. The Falcons are not stopping them unless they somehow find a way to hound them for 40 minutes on the court. Barring that, there’s no way.

All the Falcons can do is make do with what they’ll have, and that’s their own offense. FEU might be a top scoring team but it’s a below average defensive team. I’m not saying that the Falcons can expect to go crazy on them, but it means they’ll have opportunities to score. Execute on offense and try to close the gap. Offense is key this game, forget defense, slap a 2-3 zone, hope their long bombs miss and try to score.

Free throw line

The Falcons are still in the top three when it comes to attempts from the charity stripe. They should go aggressive on offense and fish as many fouls as they can. If they meet their average attempts, it will mean 20 potential free scoring opportunities for the Falcons who at this point still can’t buy a basket. The Falcons knock down 66.9 percent of their free throws, so it means they’ll be missing a lot of them, but at least they are points on the score board.

Forget about winning

When the Season 74 Falcons visited the present day Falcons the Monday after their loss to UP, former captain Jan Julius Colina had but one request, “Gusto naming lumaban kayo.” This is all the community can ask for right now. With Coach Kenneth Duremdes out for the Wednesday game and assistant Vince Hizon taking over coaching duties, this might actually happen. The game will not be about breaking into the win column, it will be about breaking their own backs in trying to. Coach Hizon’s offensive system already looks better than the horns sets they used to run, if they can get the minutes rotations right it will do better for them in the long run. Whatever they choose to do, they can’t do another UP and look to win now. Playing Jansen Rios 40 minutes won’t develop your players for the next round or next season. Get the system right, play to fix the system, compete with the broken system and rock and roll.


The Falcons will lose but they’ll lose fighting. Who knows, they might actually give hopefuls a reason to believe in them again.