The Falcons have the upper hand in this series, taking first blood.

Clashing so soon against an opponent they’ve already beaten looks to be in the favor of the Adamson Soaring Falcons. But the challenge here is how not rest on their laurels and stave away complacency.

Yes, the Falcons know they can beat UP Fighting Maroons, they’ve done it already this season. But this also means UP wants to bounce back against them. Dropping five straight games can be a pretty painful wakeup call especially when the last one comes at the hands of a winless team.

For Adamson, relying on their talent is not an option. It’s unlikely that Jerome Garcia will hit supernova twice in a row. There’s a chance he might go cold or just middle out, but either way, they cannot rely on him for the bulk of their scoring again.

Fortunately, UP is in the same predicament. They got back into the game because of Paul Desiderio’s hot scoring, but even he can’t be expected to keep up that level of play.

What this generally means is that both teams will be in a constant struggle to see which one can get going. Will Adamson’s offense show up and bury UP in points or will UP’s crushing defense fuel their transition offense?

If it comes down to whose play will be more consistent and more sustainable, I’d have to give it to Adamson, just because they’re riding a wave of improvement right now. For UP to come up with this win, they’ll need a huge spurt, a huge explosion to pull it off.