The stats don’t lie. This will be an uphill battle for the Adamson Soaring Falcons using pickaxes and sticks against a cavalry charge ready to stomp them to the ground.

The FEU Tamaraws are running their offense like a small PBA team right now. At a pace of 81.8 possessions per game and offensive rating of 102.4 points per 100, they could probably go toe-to-toe with the Blackwater Elite team’s second unit or something. And after staving off UE’s feisty fullcourt press, they’ve shown that coach Nash Racela is not letting any surprises get the best of them.

So, how can the Falcons match up to this behemoth of a college team?

Channel their inner Palestine. Yes, I’m sorry for having to conjure up the image of an unranked FIBA team barely beating our own pride and joy Gilas Pilipinas, but that’s the only way the Falcons are going to shock the UAAP just like they did back in Season 73.

FEU has three potent scorers in Mac Belo, Mike Tolomia and Raymar Jose. Of the three, Jose gets used the least. Instead of being a shot creator, he gets shots by receiving dishes from Tolomia or cleaning up after Belo. So to slightly dent FEU’s offensive output, the focus has to be on getting Jose the ball often while denying both Tolomia and Belo.

Since Racela’s system is a derivative of the Princeton offense, ball movement and outside shooting will play a big factor in FEU’s success. Adamson hasn’t been known to be a good defensive team and will probably still give up a lot of points, but they have to work on a change of philosophy. Instead of crowding the paint to get a steal, they should work on staying in good defensive position to lower the shot percentage. Given how good they have been rebounding, forcing missed shots should be the priority over blocking or stealing.

Adamson’s gunners have to step it up too. Joseph Nalos will need to carry the load on the point position while Harold Ng has to be ready to score. Dawn Ochea showed a bit of range in their last game but unfortunately they couldn’t run anything consistently leading to the second half breakdown. Pape Sarr will need to throw his weight around the paint if he’s going to become effective. And the Falcons need to activate Nico Capote, who oddly isn’t getting playing time.

Winning Conditions

  • FEU ‘s True Shooting % is less than 30%
  • Adamson’s  eFG% is more than 50%
  • Raymar Jose’s usage rate (USG%) is more than 22%
  • Dawn Ochea’s USG% is more than 20%

Featured Image credit: Adamson Chronicle