For five straight seasons already, FEU still reigns the Battle of Hepalane (famous place for street foods located between FEU and UE), ugh, Battle of the East.

Well, the double overtime that I hoped for didn’t happen. Nevertheless, FEU won the showdown in a convincing manner. On the other side, it’s disappointing for the UE hopefuls that after their two consecutive blowout wins, they were dealt with two succeeding defeats. Both teams are doing great on their ongoing campaigns, but fate sometimes has its own twists and turns that may or may not favor you how much you wished it would be.

FEU points 73

Mac Belo


Anthony Hargrove


Mike Tolomia


UE points 63

Paul Varilla


Bong Galanza


I think I can finally say “Move on from the Garcia and Romeo” as the Tams has it’s new offensive tandem in Mac Belo and Mike Tolomia who blasted 21 and 13 points, respectively. These two guys are different from the former since Belo and Tolomia aren’t playing the same position and have different roles in the team, yet they can also be the 1-2 punch for the Tams when the need arises. Currently, Belo norms 64.4 FG percent while Tolomia shoots 45.5 percent from the three-point area. Coach Nash is a lucky coach to have these two in his team.

Interestingly, both FEU and UE’s starters poured 46 points but it was the bench output that made a big disparity with the former’s 27 compared to the latter’s 17. Two Tamaraws that were fielded in the game might have not able to score, but Belo’s production coming off the bench was more than enough to cover it.

With the things that happened in this game, FEU’s next scrimmages will surely be interesting not to be missed.

Review of the Keys to the Game

Recto Towers



34.3 78.7 59.8


21.3 65.7 40.2

You can’t deny the fact that Charles Mammie and Moustapha Arafat are two of the more formidable big men in the league, given their height, heft, and skills. But the load of getting the rebounds by themselves is still a heavy task for the two. Well, Mammie knows that very well from what he had experienced from last season as he was the lone reliable rebounder on the team.

It was a team effort for the Tams to grab the much needed rebounds since they were fully aware that their bigs are a bit undersized compared to UE’s. We have to laud Anthony Hargrove and Carl Cruz for coming up big for this game with 12, and 10 rebounds respectively, while guards like Mike Tolomia and Achie Inigo also contributed five boards each.

So far, FEU has been doing well in rebounds and  boxing out their opponents. Their current improvement have produced so much good results, and it will continue as it is if they will do well or much better in the succeeding games.

Outside shooting

Team FG% 3PT%


(29/61) 47.5 (5/16) 31.3


(25/69) 36.2 (4/21) 19

Looking at the table above, there isn’t a wide gap between the two teams’ field goal made and attempts, yet, the percentage shows which one has struggled. It’s clearly seen that the Warriors’ chucked up a lot of three-point attempts, bu only converted on 4 of them. As expected, Paul Varilla, who is currently 38.5 percent from that area, had the guts to fire those threes. This would have been deadly if Roi Sumang did not have an off game.


Team TOV%





UE’s pressure defense made life difficult for the Tamaraws as early as the game started. The red and white guards hounded the ball handler even before it crossed the half court line, and were successful distracting inbounds passes. Because of their sticky defense, there were times when FEU was rattled. This resulted into a lot of bad passes. There’s no question: the reason why UE led by as much as 10 points in the first quarter was because of those 11 FEU turnovers. Luckily, the Tamaraws’ were able to lessen those turnovers as the game progressed.

In this game, Tolomia and Roger Pogoy had seven turnovers apiece out of FEU’s 31. It’s a bit of a headache that they combined for about half of the teams’ TOs. Another thing, Pogoy also leads the team with a career-worst 45.5 percent TOV% this season.

Thoughts about the game

It somehow feels like it wasn’t the 2-0 UE team that FEU faced in this game. I expected that this would be a high-scoring match just like last season but Sumang was cold all throughout the game. This may have affected UE’s offensive attack. This would be a different story if Sumang was in his shape.

The two neighbors played very well and it’s good to see sometimes how they help each other get up in the court. It wasn’t a heated kind of rivalry after all, it’s about two iconic teams playing earnestly for their respective schools and their own goals.