Game Notes

1. FEU was playing solid in the first half. They were up 11 at halftime. Early in the third, Hargrove shoved Abdul, and with a bit of acting on Abdul’s part, Hargrove was given an unsportsmanlike foul. The complexity of the whole game changed with that. That was the most crucial turning point in UST’s run. Hargrove had two fouls at the start of the third but with the offensive foul on Ferrer and shove on Abdul, he was forced to sit on the bench with four fouls. FEU was up 10 at that point, the unsportsmanlike foul fueled UST’s run. They played better and had more energy, and eventually gained the lead with 51 seconds remaining in the third. UST won the third quarter 22-12. (Possible Hargrove suspension since this is his second unsportsmanlike foul in the season.)

2. You’ve got to give it to UST. They played phenomenal and made big baskets down the stretch. Mariano made a tough turnaround three to send the game into OT and Bautista made a guarded three-pointer to send it to 2OT.

3. Mac Belo was spectacular finishing with 15 points and 14 rebounds (nine offensive!), almost single-handedly won them the game in 2OT.

4. FEU has to work on execution in final possessions. The last shots in regulation and in overtime were horrible but I still have faith in the FEU coaching staff. The final two plays for FEU in 2OT were well executed but Abdul just made a spectacular defensive stop, blocking Belo’s jumper and preventing him from taking another shot.

5. Here’s Kevin Ferrer drawing an offensive foul from Mike Tolomia which I think was clearly a flop and one of the biggest turnovers of the game. (But a loss is a loss, just wanted to show it.)

Review: Keys of the Game


First key to the game was that FEU had to shoot well from the 3pt line and FT to win against UST. Turns out, FEU shot horribly from three (7/40 or 17.5%) and FT (7/13 or 53.8%). What kept them in the game was the rebounding difference which was shockingly won by FEU. The Tamaraws had 69 rebounds (28 offensive) compared to the 56 of UST.

Stop Abdul
Karim Abdul shoots over FEU defense. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News)

Karim Abdul shoots over FEU defense. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News)

The FEU Tamaraws had trouble guarding Abdul as he piled up spectacular stats once again. Abdul is just a special player so I don’t blame the Tamaraws as much for him getting his numbers. Abdul had 24 points and 12 rebounds with two blocks.

Share the Ball

Interestingly, the FEU Tamaraws were sharing the ball well and ended up with 17 assists. Before this contest,  FEU was averaging 17 assists in their wins! and 10.3 in their losses. It was a good effort by the Tamaraws but once again they fell short.

Making Shots

1st round % 2nd round %
Defended 174/457 38.1% 121/386 31.3%
Open 34/55 61.8% 20/23 87.0%
FTs 87/113 77.0% 53/87 60.9%
Terrence Romeo FTs 28/31 90.3% 15/28 53.6%
Gryann Mendoza FTs 6/7 85.7% 2/5 40.0%

After the first round, it wasn’t a secret anymore throughout the league that FEU was very good offensively. Teams started clamping down on shooters and locking down FEU. From an average of 7.9 open shots per game in the first round, opponents have stifled their offense forcing them to only 4.6 in the second round.

FEU has to adjust to how teams are playing them. Even though FEU has been missing horribly when defended, a lot of it I think is psychological. The Tamaraws have been missing some very make-able shots, even if defended. They have to work on moving the ball, find the open man and scoring. The drop from 77% FT shooting to 60.9% in the 2nd round also doesn’t help. They have got to shake it off somehow. They have to use the last two games of the season to fix their issues.

Proposal Game

Whamos Del Rosario, UST fan, proposes to Arcie Abin. (Photo Credit: Czeasar Dancel, NPPA Images)

Whamos Del Rosario, UST fan, proposes to Arcie Abin. (Photo Credit: Czeasar Dancel, NPPA Images)

Let’s end with this wonderful story so that it can lighten up your mood (if you’re an FEU fan). Congratulations to Whamos Del Rosario and Arcie Abin who are now engaged after the double overtime thriller. Del Rosario popped the question in the break between the 3rd and 4th. Abin said yes to the delight of the crowd. Del Rosario originally planned to do the proposal in the second round game vs. ADMU but it was postponed due to typhoon Maring. They also have a cute sign saying: “Arcie, will you watch UAAP with Whamos kahit 80 na kayo?”

Wonderful story, read more here.

Cute sign. (Photo Credit:

Cute sign. (Photo Credit: