FEU Tamaraws def def. AdU Soaring Falcons 83 – 71

Notable Players

Pat Tchuente (21 points 19 rebounds 6 blocks)

After consecutive games of getting shackled, Pat Tchuente found his groove yet again. Aside from Adamson’s Lenda Douanga, there was little opposition for Tchuente in the paint. He was grabbing rebounds left and right, getting put backs and post shots and when Adamson tried to defend him, they had no choice but to send him to the line. On the other end he was effective in protecting the paint, finishing the game with 6 blocks. This game shows that against teams that aren’t playing at full efficiency Tchuente can be a big time contributor for FEU.

Xyrus Torres (21 points 5 three pointers)

When you’re hot, you’re hot. Rookie Xyrus Torres made his introduction to the UAAP in an explosive manner, knocking down shot after shot from the arc. It helped a lot that he had ball handlers like LJ Gonzales and Alec Stockton evading Adamson’s press and finding him open, but to his credit he didn’t shy away from the opportunities that he was presented with. If he continues to build on his ability to knock down shots consistently, expect Torres to be a key player in the dribble-drive offense that FEU is known for. 

LJ Gonzales (9 points, 4 assists)

Craftiness, speed and quick wit made LJ “Speedy” Gonzales a big problem for Adamson and a huge boon for FEU. One of the biggest reasons FEU has been a bane to Adamson even under their tutelage under Franz Pumaren is FEU’s penchant for having reliable guards. Right now LJ Gonzales is that headache guard for FEU. His ability to beat defenders off the dribble forced Adamson’s press to scramble, opening up the floor for FEU. Once Gonzales got past his defender it was a matter of him recognizing the open option, either a straight line drive to the cup or a pass to an open teammate.

Quick Analysis

  • FEU’s physicality was a problem for Adamson all game long. FEU was constantly one step ahead of Adamson, forcing Adamson to commit ticky-tack fouls that built up through the course of the game. By the end Adamson was called for 27 fouls to FEU’s 20. FEU also feasted off the freethrow line with 37 attempts to Adamson’s 19.
  • Adamson just doesn’t have their best weapon anymore. Not that it worked on FEU often, but it was way too easy for FEU’s guards to break the full court press. The few times it did work, it worked like a charm, forcing Stockton to pick up his dribble and throw a bad pass. But from here, other Adamson problems began to show, like their difficulty in making those turnovers count an finishing on the break.
  • The Pat Tchuente and Lenda Douanga matchup was an interesting head-to-head since both foreign athletes are relatively new and play the post. Evidently Tchuente has the advantage in the matchup, utilizing readiness to score to run circles around Douanga. He’s proven he can excel when faced with opposition that can’t handle his size and athleticism, but the question still remains on if he can dominate or at least hold his own against players that share his size and athleticism.
  • Despite the win, FEU still needs to keep working on their offense. Other teams won’t give up as many fouls to them, so unless they go 40% on field goals again, 65 attempts might not be enough especially against top scoring teams like UST.