By Karl Batungbacal

FEU Tamaraws def. De La Salle Green Archers 81-60

Notable Players

LJay Gonzales, FEU (14 points, six rebounds, seven assists)

“Speedy” Gonzales did damage for the Tamaraws as they handily beat DLSU in this one. He made his presence felt on all ends of the court but most especially on offense. Gonzales really has otherworldly and it looks like coach Olsen Racela found his next quick and agile guard.

Xyrus Torres, FEU (11 points, two rebounds)

The rookie had quite a decent scoring game for himself against a barely existent DLSU defense. The kid has a future with the Tams as guys like Hubert Cani and Wendell Comboy set to leave after this season. Coach Racela must be happy that Gonzales may have found his second-in-command for Season 83. With the Tamaraws’ future slightly looking bleak, look for Torres to have a much more pronounced time on the team.

Justine Baltazar, DLSU (16 points, nine rebounds, two assists)

DLSU’s wonder kid has been the story of their season thus far. Fourth on HumbleBola’s midseason MVP race, everyone on the staff became enamored with his effectivity for the Green Archers. Though he may not put up gaudy numbers such as his 25 points and 25 rebounds showing against NU on the regular, Balti is having quite the season for himself. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the Green Archers this season.

Quick Analysis

  • FEU’s showing why they’re right in the thick of the Final Four race as they zipped the ball around the unwitting DLSU defense. This is exactly what I was referred to in my breakdown of FEU and why they’re right where they are.
  • Encho Serrano has potential, man. He’s got the right tools for whatever DLSU may want to do next year. His grit, skill, and sheer ability to piss off the opponents and their crowd makes me want to cheer for him. I’m just really high on Serrano’s rest of season outlook.
  • DLSU looked really lost out there. For all their athletic talent and physical gifts, they just couldn’t make use of them against FEU’s well-rounded game plan for today. Not even Balti’s high motor can salvage this game for the Green Archers.