FEU Tamaraws def. NU Bulldogs 73-68


Wendell Comboy, FEU (18 points, 10 fourth quarter points, 7/12 FG)

What a fourth quarter eruption by Comboy. Among Coach Olsen Racela’s crop of guards, Comboy has emerged as the most consistent this season, and this performance certainly added validity to that. He wasn’t just scoring off of screens, but he was creating off the dribble as well with some nifty step backs. Not bad.

LJay Gonzales, FEU (9 points)

What a time to break out! Nine points may not seem like a lot, but LJay’s energy on both ends of the floor was what a stumbling FEU team needed. There were still some moments of immaturity, but that comes with the growth. The kids are alright.

Prince Orizu, FEU (8 points, 12 rebounds)

Gary V has some competition for Mr. Pure Energy. Despite it being his fourth year in the UAAP, Orizu’s energy levels have seemingly increased, and he’s blended this with more polished finishing around the rim. The NU bigs could not do anything against Orizu.

John Lloyd Clemente, NU (15 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists)

Just keep on giving him one more chance, and he’s bound to erupt. In a crucial game for the Bulldogs, Clemente came up biggest with his shot finally falling at a better rate. Hopefully, things can only go up for Clemente from here. He’s too good.


  • Let’s all have a moment of silence, then take a deep breath for the FEU Tamaraws. PHEW. They needed this.
  • On that note, this wasn’t the prettiest of wins for the Tamaraws. The FEU fans — the rest of the UAAP really — watched in anticipation for how the Tamaraws would perform, and they were left with sighs of relief. FEU’s offense still doesn’t look as crisp as you’d expect, as evidenced by *just* dishing out 13 assists as a team. Not the best look.
  • Make no mistake about it, however, the Tamaraws are still incredibly talented. Once they figure things out, they can challenge ANY team in the league, even the likes of Ateneo and Adamson. Hubert Cani said it best, they felt like they cheated the game versus UE. Cheating it wasn’t just disrespect to UE, but most importantly, to themselves as the Tamaraws. The fans deserve better. The team should perform better. Once they do, watch out.
  • NU started out WAXING hot from downtown, and Toby Pavon jokingly told the Humblebola team that FEU was banking on the Bulldogs hitting some sort of cold streak. Lo and behold, they did! Once that happened, the Bulldogs had difficulty finding other ways to penetrate through the FEU defense.
  • We will forever say, “The NU Bulldogs are young, once they figure things out, be ready.” Yet, you can’t help but just say, “Man. These losses hurt.” They lost by five points to both FEU and Adamson. Just a four-point loss versus La Salle. They’ll learn, but for now, they’ll have to feel this pain. It sucks.