Game Storyline

The DLSU Green Archers had a great game plan offensively, pounding the ball inside and shooting the occasional open three-pointer. It worked as the Archers lead for most of the game. FEU had no answer defensively for the bigmen of DLSU. Credit the La Salle team for being disciplined and throwing it to the post everytime.

FEU was pretty much down double digits for most of the game. The Tams had a chance to take the lead cutting the deficit to two with 6:23 left in the fourth but DLSU quickly stopped the bleeding and held on for the win.

Jason Perkins posts up against Carl Bryan Cruz. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News).

Jason Perkins posts up against Carl Bryan Cruz. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News).

Review of the Keys to the Game

1. Rest of team must step up
Points FG 2pt FG 3pt FG
Terrence Romeo 12 4/18 (22.2%) 3/10 (30%) 1/8 (12.5%)
RR Garcia 5 2/7 (28.6%) 1/2 (50%) 1/5 (20%)
Mike Tolomia 7 3/13 (23.1%) 2/5 (40%) 1/8 (12.5%)
Rest of Team 42 15/33 (45.5%) 12/25 (48%) 3/8 (37.5%)
Total 66 24/71 (33.8%) 18/42 (42.9%) 6/29 (20.7%)

The rest of the team (everyone except Tolomia, Garcia and Romeo) actually played well this game, especially Pogoy, Belo and Hargrove. They were attacking the rim, getting offensive putbacks and shot really well from the field. Too bad the trio of Tolomia, Garcia and Romeo had a bad outing. FEU needs its star guards to produce and shoot well from the field to have a chance at winning the game. The Tamaraws were still bricking three-point shots, shooting 20.7% in the game. They need the three pointer to fall down in order to have a chance to win since it’s really a big part of their offense.

2. Run the break

The FEU fastbreak was almost non-existent in the game. They managed to produce only 3 fastbreak points. Credit the DLSU team’s transition defense and running back to prevent easy baskets.

3. Know your personnel

Almost every DLSU Green Archer contributed and played well against FEU. Shooters Vosotros and Salem had a combined 4/12 (33.3%). The DLSU big men were feasting inside shooting 19/37 (51.4%) in the paint. Even Kib Montalbo provided great energy off the bench, scoring 5 points, being aggressive on offense and playing solid defense. Jeron Teng had a good enough outing shooting 7/16 (43.8%).

FEU has to do a better job contesting three-point shots, especially from shooters like Vosotros and Salem. Although in fairness, it was a tall task since the DLSU post players were killing the FEU big men one-on-one inside. Everything opened up for DLSU when the post shots were going in early.

Final Thoughts

The harsh reality is that FEU has gotten worse over the break while other teams have gotten better. With reports of supposed conditioning problems, coaches being away from the team over the break and what seems to be a bit of chemistry being lost (at least in the first two games of the 2nd round), FEU has a tough road ahead of them.

Right now, if the conditioning problems of Romeo are true, it would probably be best if he started having better shot selection in the next couple of games. But then again, his unpredictability on offense, the willingness to take ridiculous but makeable shots is also what makes him special and dangerous on the offensive. I hope he finds a good balance between efficient shots and “Romeo” shots.

I’ve realized DLSU is a bad matchup for FEU. They probably have the best post player rotation in the league with AVO, Torres and Perkins. FEU had no answer for them in that game and has to figure out how to stop them and post players in general moving forward.

There are two things for me that seemed to be lacking offensively in the game vs. DLSU: attacking the basket and making three-point shots. Mike Tolomia, Terrence Romeo and RR Garcia at times fell in love too much with the three-pointers and forgot they’re the ones primarily relied upon to break down the defense with the dribble drive. They have to find a healthy balance with three-point shots and driving the lane. Here’s to hoping they find their inner Jason William in the next couple of games. I’m not too worried about the three-point shooting falling down. I’m 90% sure they will once conditioning and chemistry kicks in (which is weird saying that about this year’s FEU team). It all begins with the dribble drive though, they have to attack.