The DLSU Green Archers were firing blanks while the UST Growling Tigers were waxing hot from downtown. That was how the game went as the Growling Tigers scorched the Green Archers for a 77-61 win. UST shot 11/24 from three-point range, with a lot of them pouring in their 29-point third quarter explosion. While for the Green Archers, they tried to emulate UST’s game, but couldn’t match the fire lit on them, as they went for a cold 6/27 from downtown.

The Green Archers were actually had a good start, leading 33-19 midway through the second quarter, then UST went on a 12-0 run to end the half only down by two. In the second half, the Green Archers just went cold while UST just kept firing. The 14 point lead held by DLSU became history as UST went on a whopping 38-point turnaround. While the Green Archers tried to rally back, UST had answers on the other end.

Leading the Growling Tigers was Kevin Ferrer, who continued where he left off from his 27-point outing against the Blue Eagles, torching La Salle’s defense with 17 points, including 9 from downtown. While Ferrer was leading the 3-point barrage, he wasn’t alone as other Growling Tigers like Kyle Suarez and Louie Vigil were also hitting their threes. While UST were waxing hot from outside, Karim Abdul and Ed Daquioag were toying around with DLSU’s interior defense as well, scoring 13 and 11 respectively.

While DLSU couldn’t stop UST’s offensive onslaught, they also had their share of misses as well. If their ugly 22% from 3-point range was bad, they were also terrible at the free throw line, missing 16 of their free throw attempts for an unacceptable 44% from the line. It probably would have been a different ball game had they shot better from the line.

One bright spot for the Green Archers though if there is any consolation is the steady play of Josh Torralba as he accounted for three of DLSU’s three-pointers made and showed a lot of energy on both ends on the floor. But his other teammates couldn’t match his energy, nor their opponent’s energy.

DLSU is still sitting in the middle of the standings at 3-3, tied for fourth with the surging NU Bulldogs. If La Salle wants to go anywhere this season, they can’t afford to play like the game they played against UST. They still have one game remaining in the first round, against their archrivals Ateneo Blue Eagles. Hopefully it can ignite some energy and fire to the Green Archers who badly need it midway through the season.