De La Salle uncharacteristically choked away a 10-point lead late in the fourth quarter and allowed UE a glimmer of hope in making it to the Final Four. It was turnovers that did the Green Archers once more as their last TO sealed the win for UE as Dan Alberto raced past Jeron Teng on a gamble that could have cost the Red Warriors the game had it failed.

One good thing for the Archers is that a rookie showed up as they made their rally to charge down from 15 and lead the game by 10. Julian Sargent deserves PT way more than Kib MontalBUST does. Heck, as a point guard, he can’t even break the press by finding a teammate who should be on the other side of the court, wide open. Sargent needs more PT. He only took six shots but gathered a double-digit output in just 23 minutes of play. Whereas my favorite point guard took seven shots and needed 35 minutes to score six points. Jesus.

If I’m Juno Sauler (which I am not), I would definitely have a VosotrosSargent starting back court to keep defenses honest. I can have Jeron play point-forward anyways and he can just ram his way down the lane because he’s just a freaking tank. Then again, Teng is the least of their worries. They’ve got a ghost masquerading as player somewhere down the line…


Missing Person Case no. 10. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Missing Person Case no. 10. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Jason Perkins remains terribly invisible that I want to file a missing person case at the nearest police station. Or he could just be locked up somewhere in Taft. Zark’s? Cello’s? KFC? Mickey-D’s? I don’t know. But without him, De La Salle is playing 3-on-5 and if Almond is on a bad shooting day, good Lord if you are a Gang Green fan, you can kneel, bring out your rosary, and pray earnestly to God.

That was no Jason Perkins out there who put up 0 points, grabbed 10 boards and tossed away seven balls. That’s some weird, cracked-up doppelganger of his who doesn’t know how to attack or even play. Na-Monstars dre! If the Archers want to prevail against the NU Bulldogs on Saturday, they need Hefty Lefty. THE REAL HEFTY LEFTY!


This game man. This. Game. Charles Mammie wasn’t able to get his touches to even get going in the second half. Why was that? Oh, UE reverting to their one pass-shoot a three scheme as they lost a 15-point lead. It seems like UE forgot that it had a big man down the middle that can produce for them. But hey, UE won’t be UE if they didn’t.

At least Arafat is no longer the primary option. Like, he’s the one that should be forgotten. It was more of UE’s undoing really rather than DLSU’s defense in the paint that Charles Mammie was negated to nothing.


Well, I did say it was going to be close. But UE pulling off an improbable win even after Jeron Teng went berserk in the second half? My, my. Again, this was more of DLSU throwing this game away (literally, with the ugly TOs), than UE playing great all the way.

Featured image courtesy of Mark Cristino, Pinoy Exchange