Champs versus Chumps round 1 goes to the De La Salle Green Archers!

But, it was what we expected right? #TooHarsh? Nah, one just doesn’t have to think twice about who would win this one. And I don’t think UP is going to catch a good team on a bad shooting day either. We witnessed Jeron Teng at his best, going off for a season-high 25 points (on 16 shots) while pulling down 11 rebounds. Almond Vosotros surprised me as well as he did not chuck his way to 15 point output (on 11 shots) while handing out five assists, tied with Norbert Torres for tops in the team.

So, how about our points for the game?


Well, Juno Sauler didn’t take this one seriously (come on coach, we want to see more Tratter!!!). He stuck to his rotation and played his starters their minutes. Well, you can’t blame the man for not taking anything to chance. He made sure that they stamp UP out of it and stamp they did. Abu Tratter, Prince Rivero and Julian Sargent combined for 15 points and seven rebounds among them. Rivero is showing he is a gem of a recruit and is ably filling his role well. The seven turnovers do suck but he’s a rookie, so let’s give him a pass.

The kids weren’t able to take advantage of UP since well, Juno doesn’t like gambling and dropping a game all for the sake of rookie experience.

Tratter finished with zero rebounds. (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida,

Tratter finished with zero rebounds. (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida,


The game featured probable the worst Gatorade Fuel duel ever. Henry Asilum and Kib Montalbo. Two hotly-recruited point guards in the Visayan region but have been ultimate flops. Asilum chucked a 3-for-12 game while Montalbo came back to earth with a 1-for-4 showing for 5 points and two assists.

Montalbo did have a good game at the boards, finishing with seven to Asilum’s two. He also did not pass the ball to ghosts on offense whereas Asilum failed to even record an assist. For a point guard. Shame to see a couple of overhyped, overrated PGs go at it and being terribly un-entertained.


Obviously, Jeron Teng padded his stats nicely after burning UP for 25 points. However, Jason Perkins played his minutes yet failed to crack double digits for the third-straight game. I personally don’t know what’s wrong with Hefty Lefty but they need him in prime form as the season progresses. When La Salle needs buckets, they go to Perkins. His game is stinking now after a hot start. This should probably be back by second round, I hope?


It was really going nowhere. As soon as DLSU detonated that 17-0 bomb in the first, I switched channels to the NCAA instead. There’s really no fight in #UPFight.