COurtVisionWelcome to the inagural edition of Humblebola’s Court Vision! This weekly feature brings together in one place current and interesting articles, blog posts etc. that have been posted throughout the internet over the past week. So, whether it’s been a busy week, the office internet blocking your favorite sites, girlfriend wanting to spend some quality time or for whatever reason that caused you to miss out on the week’s most best stories, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get you up to speed, shall we?


Enzo Flojo of “This is not the same FEU team that went 4-0 last season only to falter and tumble out of the Final Four race. This is not the same FEU team that was known more for bruising and spitballing. This is not the same FEU team that had three great guards playing disjointedly. This is now, in fact, a real, honest-to-goodness, TEAM.”

Renee Fopalan of “In some games, the Maroons look like they’re going to win. They stick it out after the first three quarters, then suffer a meltdown in the end. Bad shot selection? Hero ball? Turnovers? We’ve seen them all.”

Jane Bracher of “The Tigers are not parading the kind of dominance that the FEU Tamaraws are currently enjoying with the latter’s 6-0 slate. Instead, they are showing a kind of performance that’s both threatening and still faltering at best.But why, despite their evident partly realized potential, are they not blowing away all the competition?”

Roel Cruz of “Again free throw shooting needs to be improved, but let’s play a different version of the “what if” game which becomes easier to do when the discussion veers toward the issue of missed free throws. Obviously the immediate and most common question would be, what if La Salle made those free throws down the stretch? Would they have definitely come away with the win? Maybe. But with almost a week gone by and the loss still weighing heavily on my mind, I start to ask myself, If the Archers made those free throws, would that have prevented Terrence Romeo’s clutch play from kicking into fifth gear? Maybe not. My point being, the “what if” game can go on and on, especially after a loss. Some like playing it, others find it futile. Let’s leave it at that.”

Reuben Terrado of “Sought for comment on  the unsportsmanlike foul called on Gian Abrigo in the final 15.9 seconds of the Falcons’ 67-70 loss to the Archers, Loyzaga said there is a league rule that says all fouls away from the ball in the final two minutes are deemed ‘unsportsmanlike’ in nature. Loyzaga showed to a handful of sportswriters the article on the league handbook pertaining to fouls on such cases, which read: “All fouls committed during deadball situations and/or the game clock is stopped will be assessed as unsportsmanlike foul only in the last two minutes.” And yet, after another UP defeat, basketball fans blame neither the coach nor the players. They instead chalk it up to “the UP brand of ball,” as if that was enough of an excuse to justify the loss.”

Itunu Kuku via “When we speak of student-athletes, we notice that ‘student’ comes first. Can we go back to treating UAAP athletes as students please? A number of foreign players have graced the UAAP, not because they were recruited from abroad, but because they were simply students who found themselves for one reason or another in the Philippines, and exhibited an exceptional amount of talent. Zion Laterre, Kirk Long and several other players fall into this category. Is it fair that these students should lose the ability to play simply because their passports state they are foreigners?”


Angel Velasco of “To his credit, love him or hate him, Eala is a proven brilliant basketball mind who makes savvy (near shrewd) business deals. He was able to convince PBA Hall of Famer Tim Cone to switch allegiances from Alaska to BMeg/ San Mig Coffee, he brought in majority of the SMART Gilas upstarts through trades and draft picks (Chris Lutz, Marcio Lassiter, Japeth Aguilar, Dylan Ababou, Mac Baracael, Mark Barocca) and was even able to provide the Team SMC umbrella teams with a Finals appearance/ championship run or two since coming on board. Hell, Eala even spearheaded the trade that sent today’s “IT” point guard L.A. Tenorio to the most popular ball club in the whole archipelago. But you know what they say about people, how those who forget where they came from or who helped them to get there will suffer the most stinging blows and setbacks in the end. We’re not saying that Eala is a bad guy, but he has always come off as a “holier than thou” personality who puts business decisions first and foremost (not that it’s a bad thing, but it sure as hell won’t help you win a seat in the Barangay elections).””

Tepmags of “Hindi naman kami fan ng Ginebra para sa sarili namin ah. Ano yun? Walang sense. Fan kami ng Ginebra dahil mahal namin yung team, kahit gaano pa ka-OA pakinggan yan. Maraming teams ang PBA. Sobrang dali humanap ng ibang team na susuportahan. Pero after all those crazy trades, unbelievable staff shuffles, FIVE-YEAR drought at kung ano pang chuk chak chenes yan… Andito pa rin kami, gusgusin na, pagod na at ang pinakamasaklap – sanay na.

Rey Joble of “Fonacier explains the mechanics of the rigorous shooting practice that has come to be known as the “Celtics drill,” which Allen, now with the Miami Heat, used to do religiously while playing for the Celtics. “In the Celtics drill, you do consecutive shots from all the five angles in two minutes.  At least you have to make two consecutive threes in one angle to make it to the next angle,” explained the Talk ‘N Text swingman, the Finals MVP in the 2012 PBA Philippine Cup.”

Angel Velasco of “So yeah, despite our earlier hesitation re Alapag’s Gilas inclusion, the man deserves his spot. If we are to make the FIBA Worlds or the Olympics, then it is by holding on to who we are as a proud basketball country.  It’s what has helped Alapag overcome so many challenges (say, breaking his hand and not being able to suit up outright the very first time he tried for a Pilipinas Men’s Basketball team spot) and endure the last decade or so. All heart.”

Snow Badua of “Although league insiders bared that no contract has been signed on the compromise deal, Lorenzana assured that the league coverage will follow the same set-up complete with pre-game and post-game analysis and the usual interaction with fans online. “The usual, normal set-up. Everything will be there, interaction with the fans etc. It should be there. The normal experience (of PBA viewing),” he added.”


Mico Halili of “Okay, he’s here in Manila for the Nike Witness History Tour. He sits there just a couple of feet away close enough so you can see him in the highest form of definition possible. He’s right there. You’re thinking, “Relax, it’s just LeBron James.” You’re also thinking, “How can I relax? It’s LeBron James!” His forearms rest on his thighs. He looks at you and waits for the interview to begin. You shake his hand and sense this mixture of jetlag, attentiveness, wonderment and confidence. The dilemma: what on earth should you ask?”