Rob Labagala driving to the basket. (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, PBA Images)

Rob Labagala driving to the basket. (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, PBA Images)


You can expect that when he enters the game, the pace will be faster. He’s also another player from Coach Chua’s rotation that will give his 100% with a limited playing time. He can shoot jumpers, penetrate to the lane, set-up his teammates and was pesky defender. He  is the definition of Ginebra’s never-say-die attitude. You can definitely get something from little Rob the moment he enters the game.


Rob Labagala gives Ginebra a burst of energy every time he enters the game. He also allowed Jayjay Helterbrand to slide to the 2 spot. He’s small but he’ll fight for every rebound. He was a good backup for Tenorio in the eliminations. He was used sparingly in the playoffs but he made sure that he had an impact in the game before he was subbed out.


After Ginebra made the Urbiztondo deal, Labagala knew that he’ll play less come playoff time. Ginebra opted to used their savvy veterans instead of their young and promising newbies not named Ellis. From being the backup point guard, he became a cheerleader from the bench. Sometimes, he forced it too much that instead of creating plays for his team he’s creating turnovers. His height was exposed during the playoffs as he was posted up by bigger guards like Paul Lee and Jason Castro.

Grade: 5

He was the odd man out after Ginebra made the Urbiztondo deal. He remained a sport even after he was buried at the end of the bench during playoffs. I still give him credit for his tenacity every time his number was called. His game is still progressing and improving but it’s hard to imagine that he is Ginebra’s point guard of the future.

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