Finals MVP Sonny Thoss was Alaska's main man on defense. (Photo Credit: Pranz Billiones, Sports5)

Finals MVP Sonny Thoss was Alaska’s main man on defense. (Photo Credit: Pranz Billiones, Sports5)


Sonny Thoss was expected to step up his post game in order to match up with this conference’s imports.


Sonny Thoss showed a lot of improvement in the post, becoming the ­main post option for the Aces. He ­showed that he can shoot 15-foot jumpers (50.6%) and also ­shot very well from the free throw line (61.1%). Thoss had an eFG% (effective field goal percentage) of 50%, one of the highest in the last conference.  Aside from his shooting, he was effective in guarding the imports of the opposing teams – showing versatility in guarding faster imports like Denzel Bowles and Vernon Macklin.


Thoss tends to foul a lot, so that’s something he needs to avoid. He’s also injury prone,­ missing a lot of games due to his back problems. He needs to take care of his health since the Aces really need him in the next conference, with the import height limit being only 6’5″.

Grade: 9

Though he missed a few games in the elimination rounds, he was a dependable player during the playoffs. He had no problem keeping up with the imports, while putting up effective shots that formed a huge part of the Alaska Aces’ win. He definitely deserved to be finals MVP.

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