This conference, RJ Jazul stood out as a go-to player. (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, AKTV)

This conference, RJ Jazul stood out as a go-to player. (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, AKTV)


Much like Raphael Reyes, this guy will need to develop his skills when they train in the States. He is expected to be more steady and confident with handling the rock and orchestrating the offense. Jazul can also play shooting guard while Casio plays point. He can definitely be a good combo guard.


RJ Jazul can shoot! This guy had a high percentage from beyond the arc, landing those shots when Alaska needed it the most. He is also steady and slick. Jazul wasn’t shy of letting the ball fly. We saw his fastbreak three-pointers and he shot them with confidence. He is fitted as a reliever for Casio since they have a similar game.


Jazul’s weakness is his defense. This guy gets bullied by veteran point guards. Since he is thin, he has a hard time defending pick-and-rolls and staggered screens. Teams often attack Jazul whenever he is in the game, so he needs to find ways to avoid this from happening.

Grade: 8

He had big shoes to fill once JVee had to sit out due to an old injury, but he stepped up to the challenge. He was confident in calling plays and taking tough shots. He still has to improve a lot on his defensive skills, but his hot-shooting played a big role in getting the Alaska Aces their big win. Who can forget his outstanding performance in Game 3 of the semi-finals series against SMC, where he missed an open lay-up at the end of regulation but went on to shoot one basket after another in overtime to give the Aces the win? We can definitely see glimpses of a player that Alaska can count on in future conferences.

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