Gabby Espinas never backed down against anyone. (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, AKTV)

Gabby Espinas never backed down against anyone. (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, AKTV)


A huge expectation from Gabby Espinas was to guard imports whenever Robert Dozier was on the bench.  Alongside Abueva, Espinas should be one of the main enforcers of Alaska. As two of the more physical players of the Aces, they provide the grit and grind for their team.


Espinas has that grit and “gulang.” He plays tough and like Abueva, he does not allow himself to get intimidated by anyone. He also has the responsibility to stop imports that play small forward or power forward. He has a decent mid-range game for his size and he also has no problem scoring when he gets the ball in the post.


Gabby loses his cool instantly. He was often called for flagrant fouls and technicals and even experienced getting thrown out of the game. He needs to keep his calm and focus on his game rather than complain to the referees. Aside from that, he does not maximize his speed for his position. Since slower guys guard him, he can’t put the ball on the floor and make quick moves to beat his defender. He should improve his quick one two dribbles getting into the paint since he has the speed advantage.

Grade: 6

He did his part, providing physicality for the team and putting up mid-range and post shots. However, there were several games wherein he could have done a lot more for the team but was limited by foul trouble. He still needs to improve on his focus and not allow himself to get carried away by his emotions. Once he learns how to maximize his speed, the Espinas-Abueva tandem will be an even bigger threat to opposing teams.

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