Calvin Abueva - the much needed energy booster of the Alaska Aces. (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, Sports5)

Calvin Abueva – the much needed energy booster of the Alaska Aces. (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, Sports5)


Calvin Abueva is a rookie (yes, some people forget), but he’s already one of those players whom everyone already watches out for. Love him or hate him, everyone knows that he is one of the most passionate players in the PBA today. His energy and determination on court has led him to become one of Alaska’s most popular players, and he surely does not disappoint. He has no problem going up against the more veteran players, making him one of the most effective players in the league. In the Commissioner’s Cup, Abueva was expected to do almost everything for the Aces, score, rebound, defend and block… In short, just be Calvin Abueva.


Calvin Abueva might just be the player that Alaska has long been looking for. The Beast provided the spark for his team, leading the stats in total points, rebounds, blocks and steals among the locals. Despite being a rookie, he is second in terms of production behind their import, Robert Dozier. The Beast also lead all rookies in terms of statistical points and was a strong candidate for the Best Player of the Conference award. Abueva averaged an impressive 11.8 pts and 8.4 rebounds per game, (close to a double-double, something that’s almost impossible to do with imports around). He also was in charge of guarding veteran scorers like James Yap and Mark Caguioa. Abueva got into every opponents face, with his intensity on defense frustrating them in every offensive possession. Let’s also not forget that he could have easily led the league in flops (with his attempts working more often than it should’ve).


Abueva at times took ill-advised shots during the conference, and most of these were forced and hurried. He needs to learn how to improve his shot selection and generally improve his shooting skills to truly become an elite payer. Abueva only shot 24% beyond the arc, 32% from the 2-point range and just 63 % from the charity strpe. Calvin also committed lots of turnovers, averaging 2.1 give aways per game.

Grade: 8

Abueva gets a grade of eight for what he has done for Alaska. He was the missing link in this championship team, providing unwavering energy and the spark that the Aces needed. For a rookie, Abueva played without fear – attacking in every opportunity and not backing down against intimidating veterans like Pingris and Hatfield. If he continues what he’s doing and improves as well, there’s no doubt Alaska will be a championship contender for quite a while.

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