It’s time for good ol’ payback!

The FEU Tamaraws handed the eager and optimistic Red Warriors their first loss of the season — on their first game. They lost that game in the second half, with the Tams harassing them at the perimeter forcing them (mostly Sumido) to take long jumpers and at the same time, shooting the lights out from the perimeter.

Mammie's raw strength is too much for the other teams to handle, what more if he can develop his game? (Photo Credit: Inboundpass)

Mammie’s raw strength is too much for the other teams to handle, what more if he can develop his game? (Photo Credit: Inboundpass)

Some things significantly changed since their first match-up:

  1. Sumido is playing considerably less minutes to give way to more consistent shooters/effective players.
  2. Charles Mammie is slowly developing his game at the post and continues to be a beast on the boards.
  3. Due to Coach Boycie’s short rotations, more players have started to find their rhythm.

What will it take for the Red Warriors to claim a victory over the Tamaraws?

Keys to the Game

1. Perimeter defense

The three-point line is the Tams’ greatest offense. Their guard-laden roster gives them an edge in perimeter shooting and that’s where their game is, at least in Round 1. Recently, the Tamaraws are struggling to get their three ball to fall and the Warriors can exploit this by applying more pressure on the perimeter.

They’re down one guard with RR Garcia serving a one-game suspension for the second unsportsmanlike foul.

2. Mammie needs to keep his feet on the paint.

In their previous game against UST, Mammie was forced a lot to the high post because of the threat of Abdul’s jumper. Mammie is more of a raw, explosive player than a “skillful” one (for a lack of better word) when it comes to the post which is why we saw Abdul owning him in the paint.

For this game, there’s no one to truly match up with Mammie and with the defense to heavily concentrate on the perimeter, he needs to stick his foot in the paint and assert himself.

3. Play their game — shoot those threes!


UE Red Warriors

Drive and kick! (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News)

The UE Red Warriors are not exactly the slashing/driving kind of team, save for Roi Sumang. The Warriors work on the low post or the perimeter to get the shots they need.

Recently, we’re seeing Roi Sumang driving to the lane and kicking out the ball to the open three and well, it kinda works! Sumang is a great decoy because even if you know he might just drop the ball to other players, you can’t just ignore or let him drive because he WILL make the shot.


The Tamaraws are bit shaken after a stellar performance in the first round. Now’s the time for the Red Warriors to take the fifth straight win.