No Jeron, No Perkins, no problem! De La Salle is going through a gauntlet of three games (at most) against FEU on their road back to the Finals. But hey, they couldn’t have done it with chucker Almond Vosotros, Arnold Van Opstal, and Norbert Torres picking up the slack!

Tough luck for NU though as they suddenly drop out of a chance to grab a twice-to-beat advantage against FEU. Now, they have to fight for their Final Four lives assuming UE beats UST ,which is not a far-off thing to consider.

By now, I am obviously dragging myself how to come up with analysis, other than stats-based ones, as to why and how De La Salle managed to still win this with two of their top players not in fighting form (well in RoboSon’s defense, he only heaved it six times). Well, now they have to just suck it in, admit that Jason Perkins is never coming back and ride on Jeron Teng’s transcendent performance after transcendent performance.


Looks like wherever he hid in Zark’s cellar proves that it is a good one. Perkins has been pretty much AWOL after his 25-pt, 10-reb effort against the Ateneo Blue Eagles in the FIRST ROUND. I don’t know if this will be a telling blow to the Archers campaign especially if Jeron runs out of gas somewhere for putting too much on himself in offense.


Julian Sargent had a pretty good game despite managing only 4 points in 24 minutes. Then again, he only took two shots. whereas my favorite Kib MontalBo Perasol fired four, and finished the game with a single assist. Sarge? Three dimes folks and three boards to boot against a single turnover. Maybe we should demote my favorite point guard now?


I did say it was going to be a wire-to-wire business. But Almond, AVO and Norbert wanted none of it and blasted the Bulldogs to kingdom come. For once, Vosotros finished with more points than shots and so did AVO. Torres was masterful inside as well. If Jeron was 100%, God knows how large the lead could have been.

Featured image courtesy of Mark Cristino, Pinoy Exchange